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Hello! I’m Jaime, aka partangel. Welcome to my blog!

My story began in 1994 when I married my high school sweetheart. Actually I graduated high school, got married, and had a baby all in the same year! Crazy? Yes! Just a little!

I met my first true love on December 11, 1994, the morning my gorgeous son arrived. (3 months premature) I had decided to not have anymore kids until I could stay at home with them. I missed all my sons firsts! A few years later, my husband and I decided to venture into foster care, and ended up adopting 4 kids! During this time I also gave birth to my second beautiful, bouncing baby boy!

In 2003 my life drastically changed. My marriage was coming to an end, and after several attempts to reconcile, it ended in divorce. I was now a single mom to 6 kids. In an attempt to find out who I was, and to make up the financial difference, I took a job at the juvenile detention center. I am so thankful and eternally grateful to my family, who was a tremendous support system!

My new journey begins….

I met my current husband in 2005, and even after trying to scare him off (which worked with most, just saying I had 6 kids!) he stood steadfast by my side. We share a total of 9 kids! My 2 birth children, his 2 birth children, 4 adopted (chosen) children, and one little foster baby! It has been a journey full of mixed blessings!

I decided to start a blog to connect with other families, offer support and tips on parenting, and dealing with the special needs our kids have! This blog offers reviews on many products, life hacks, money-saving tips, and a little inspiration.

I would love to hear from you!

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  1. wings~of~dawn

    Hello Jaime @ Thanks for liking one of my posts to have me come visit you! I am looking forward to learning some things from you. Sincerely, Tru aka wings….

          1. wings~of~dawn

            It is there but it’s for emails and I prefer to follow on reader, my email inbox is hopeless with hundreds of junk and yours isn’t. 😀 I’ll keep looking.

  2. My Desert Love

    Wow what an amazing story! Life has its moments and then you turn a corner and there’s the sunshine through the clouds. Very inspiring indeed. I just don’t know how you put time to put 2 words together never mind a blog! When I am tired and bleary-eyed I will think of you and keep truckin’ right through.

  3. maaike

    Wow, 9 kids, that is amazing. Me and my husband would really like to adopt too somewhere in the future, so defenitly going to follow your blog! Thank you!

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