Are Demons Real?

Are Demons Real?   I really wish I could answer this question with a big fat no! But in all reality, and witnessing phenomenon first hand, I undoubtedly know they are real. We have experienced supernatural events for years now and believe me, if I hadn’t lived it, I would be questioning if this is really true or not. Every … Read More

Meet Our Newest Addition!

I am so excited to finally introduce everyone to the newest member of our forever family!  Meet Jacob Michael!  Our Story: As I have shared in previous posts and on my About Me page, we have adopted two sets of siblings years ago. Sharing a total of 8 kids. Our kids are almost grown and most are already 18 years … Read More

I Don’t Want You To Be Our Mom!

Brittany Had Been The Mom For Years I have been sharing stories of how we met each of our adopted kids and the journey we have taken to get to where we are today. If you missed the first few you can read them here and here. Brittany had a difficult time allowing me to be the mom. She had … Read More

Brittany’s Fight To Attend School

Going from one child to three children overnight took some getting used to. Our little boy and the two-year-old we picked up, shared a bedroom. Brittany got her own room. The kids seemed to play well together and were like mini tornadoes running through the house.  Neither Brittany nor Rob was potty trained when we took them in. Our son … Read More

The Day We Met Brittany

I thought I would start sharing some of the backgrounds of each of my children, their progress, and how far we have come in our journey. I am going to begin with my beautiful daughter, Brittany. She was our very first foster child. Brittany has been diagnosed as TMI (trainable mentally impaired), mild cerebral palsy, attachment issues and PTSD.  Brittany … Read More

Frivolous Spending in Schizophrenics

Diagnosed With Schizophrenia For those who don’t already know, my oldest son has been diagnosed with schizophrenia recently. I have dealt with feelings of sadness, heartbreak, guilt and anger. It is a hard pill to swallow to have someone you love so much diagnosed with such a debilitating illness. Since his diagnosis, I have been trying to educate myself as … Read More

Changes Ahead In 2016

We made it through Christmas! Hooray! I have severely neglected my blog through the holidays. I lead a fairly busy life on a normal day, but through the holidays, it gets to be a little overwhelming. Now that we have made it through Christmas, successfully again, it’s time to prepare for a new year. This next year is going to … Read More

Another Meltdown: Our Autistic, M.I., RAD Son

A typical day with our autistic, mentally impaired, RAD son. Recently my ex-husband picked two of my kids up to take them out to lunch. This should have been a nice break, since it was the two that can be quite a handful. I have a hard time enjoying a break when I am anxious about how it’s going, what … Read More

Am I Adequate To Be A Mother?

Am I Adequate To Be A Mother? I know it’s a little late to be asking this question now. But I still have days when I question myself. Usually following one of my son’s meltdowns. I feel drained, unsure, inadequate, and broken.  Just when I think we have made significant progress, it’s like being slapped in the face and reminded … Read More

Not all rosy here

Not All Rosy  I am afraid in my last post  we have come across as the family who has it all together. The Brady bunch, who can handle any problem thrown their way with perfection. How I wish! We have time management down, for the most part, we do our best to keep everyone on a routine. What about those … Read More