Perfectly Cooked Bacon

Perfectly Cooked Bacon Love bacon? Hate the time it takes and the mess it makes?  Try baking it in the oven! Saves a lot of time and it’s easy to clean up. Simply line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. You can choose to lay it flat, crinkle it to give your bacon a little curl, or you can use … Read More

Quick Fix For Leaky Trash

Leaky Trash? Don’t you hate when you go to take the garbage out and find out someone threw away liquid as it’s dripping all the way to the trash can?  Just take an old newspaper you have lying around, place it at the bottom of your garbage bag and it will absorb any liquid. No more leaks!   

Re-Use Your Post It Notes Life Hack

Life Hack Re-Use A Post It Note Save time and money and re-use your post it notes.  Before you toss out a used post-it note, using the sticky side, run it between the keys on your keyboard and watch it quickly pick up crumbs and dust!  

Prevent oil splatters while frying

Prevent Oil Splatters Oil splatters not only cause a mess while cooking but they really hurt!  The next time you are frying something, sprinkle a little bit of salt in the pan you are using. This will help prevent the oil from splattering!