Building A Better Burger With A Burger Press

 Building A Better Burger With A Burger Press There isn’t much dispute in the fact that the one food considered to be American is the burger. Hamburgers were once a simple, fast, and inexpensive food but now demand an average price of $15-20 in New York City. Believe it or not, some crazed restaurants actually demand a price much higher, … Read More

The Ultimate Secret To Straight Hair

The Ultimate Secret To Straight Hair Do you want to achieve that silky, smooth style when straightening your hair? That has always been my goal. I have used numerous products in an attempt to get that look. Most do not live up to their promise and others have done a decent job but I still felt like I hadn’t found … Read More

Patio Umbrella Facts To Think About

Patio Umbrella Facts To Think About   Considering purchasing a new patio umbrella? There is a lot to take into consideration other than matching colors. Do you know what a UV hour is? Should you look for fiberglass or steel ribs? There is a lot of thought process involved when purchasing a good patio umbrella. After all, they aren’t just … Read More

Review ~ Baby Aimy Bamboo Hooded Towel

Baby Aimy Bamboo Hooded Towel Our little man is almost three years old already! But he is still a little peanut. We have always used the hooded towels for him after his baths because they stay wrapped around him so much better than a typical towel. However, we have found that the traditional hooded towels are getting a little small for … Read More

Morph by Orb Factory ~ The Fluff Stuff For Sensory

Morph by Orb Factory What if ONE squishy, smushy compound could mold, bounce, AND float? Since our new little addition became a permanent part of our family, we actively seek out new ways to offer sensory input. He has been diagnosed with sensory issues and offering him different types of activities helps him achieve a sense of balance. When I … Read More

Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack ~ Safer Than A Beer Can!

BEER CAN CHICKEN Have you tried it? There is some controversy as to whether it’s safe or not to cook a chicken this way because of the plastics or dyes in a can. I am not willing to risk our safety as we have enough to worry about nowadays. That is….until now.  Cave Tools has created an amazing product that … Read More

Activated Charcoal As A Teeth Whitener??

Did You Know You Could Use Pitch-Black Activated Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally? Just like anyone else, you probably enjoy a cup of hot coffee, tea, and a soda on a regular basis. Have you noticed how stained your teeth have become? Maybe you are one of the few lucky ones but if you are like most of us, … Read More

Green Living At It’s Finest ~ Full Circle Products

Full Circle Products Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? Or do you attempt to live a greener life, choosing products that are safe for our environment but even more important, safe for your family? Full Circle has developed products that are both. Their philosophy consists of developing products that are stylish, sensible, with a longer lifestyle that also reduces unnecessary waste. By incorporating sustainability, design, … Read More

Cave Tools Pigtail Flippers ~ A Must Have For Grilling!

Cave Tools Pigtail Flippers I am so excited because we recently purchased a new grill. It may sound like a small thing, but we haven’t had a functional grill in a few years now. I missed grilling out! Something I like to do most of the summer. We have a nice grill set that is protected in its own steel case … Read More